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R Panel

R-Panel Roofing and Siding Applications

Smith Built’s R-Panel metal roofing and metal siding system is a strong, durable, energy-efficient choice for both roofing and siding applications. R-Panel, sometimes referred to as PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) Panel, is formed with sturdy 1 ¼” trapezoidal ribs which are spaced on 12” centers. R-Panel has strength and water tightness characteristics that make this panel perfect for a variety of applications, including:


  • Commercial Walls and Roofing
  • Steel Frame Metal Buildings
  • Institutional Walls and Roofing
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Panel Profile

R Panel R Panel
CoverageMinimum SlopeRib HeightGaugesRecommended SubstrateLength
36” 1:12 1 -1/4" 26 Open Framing
Solid Substrate
3” to 60”

Available Colors

Metal Roofing Color Palette

*by special request - call us for details

Smith Built produces R- Panel in 20 different colors. All of our paint systems include a 40 year limited warranty for guaranteed durability.


As R-Panel is typically installed over metal purlins or hat channel, Smith Built provides color-matched self-drilling fasteners to secure the panels to the structural steel elements. We also carry a wide array of structural steel for any project for which R-Panel is a fit.

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