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Standing Seam Panel

Standing Seam Roof Panel System

Smith Built produces a premiere Standing Seam roof panel system. Our Standing Seam roof features a clip lock system that allows for maximum design strength coupled with great aesthetic appeal. The panels snap together, without machine seaming, and all fasteners and screws are hidden from view. Our Standing Seam system is energy efficient and virtually maintenance free. It is a great choice for home and business owners that want the smooth and clean look that a Standing Seam roof provides.


  • Clip system standing seam panel
  • Concealed two-piece panel clip allows for thermal expansion
  • Can be installed over open framing or solid substrates
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Panel Profile

Standing Seam Panel

Smith Built’s COOL roof technology protects your roof by reflecting the suns radiant heat. This translates into a cooler attic space and home and COOL savings on your power bill.

CoverageMinimum SlopeRib HeightGaugesRecommended SubstrateLength
16" 3:12/1:12 1-3/4" 26 Open Framing
Solid Substrate
3” to 60”

Available Colors

Metal Roofing Color Palette

*by special request - call us for details

Smith Built produces Standing Seam in 20 different colors. All of our paint systems include a 40 year limited warranty for guaranteed durability.


A Standing Seam roof from Smith Built can be installed over 1x4 stripping boards, metal purlins, or hat channel.

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Note – A slight wavy appearance, known as Oil Canning, is a natural feature of metal roofing, and is more common on Standing Seam roof panels. The clip-lock system is intended to reduce this phenomenon in comparison with other Standing Seam systems, but some Oil Canning is still a natural feature. Any visible Oil Canning becomes less noticeable over time and is not a reason to reject or return the roofing material.